Top 10 Firefox 2 Add-ons: Part 9 - Firefox Showcase

Top 10 Firefox 2 Add-ons: Part 9 - Firefox Showcase

This is the ninth in a 10 part series of Top 10 Firefox 2 Add-ons. If you have missed the earlier eight, here are the links:

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The next in our line is Firefox Showcase.

Tabbed Web browsing is terrific, but when you have dozens of tabs open, it can be hard to find the one you want. View open Tabs and Windows with Showcase. You can use it in two ways: global mode (F12) or local mode (Shift + F12). In global mode, a new window will be opened with thumbnails of the pages you've opened in all windows. In local mode, only content in tabs of your current window will be shown. You can also right click on those thumbnails to perform the most usual operations on them. Mouse middle button can be used to zoom a thumbnail, although other actions can be assigned to it.

Options for the extension are numerous and allow for intensive customization. They include changing the thumbnail size and using different colors to highlight tabs in different windows, and with the help of yet another Firefox plug-in you can customize the keyboard shortcuts. For the most avid Web surfers, Firefox Showcase is a real time-saver.

The latest version adds traditional Chinese localization (zh-TW, by Kennith Ng).

Click here to download Firefox Showcase