Top 10 Firefox 2 Add-ons: Part 10 - Ook? Video Ook!

Top 10 Firefox 2 Add-ons: Part 10 - Ook? Video Ook!

This is the tenth and the last in a 10 part series of Top 10 Firefox 2 Add-ons. If you have missed the earlier nine, here are the links:

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The next in our line is Ook? Video Ook!

Ook? Video Ook! enables you to download embedded videos from many systems and sites. It is preferable to similar Firefox plug-ins because, simply put, it lets you go bananas with videos. It offers one-click downloading and allows you to save the embedded clip to your hard drive in its native format: Flash video, WMP, or MOV. Ook? Video Ook! also saves the latest YouTube trend with its original name or one of your own devising, not some nonsensical code. Other functions include user control over the download location and the application's visibility, integration with the DownThemAll plug-in and automatic updates, and a customizable toolbar button. The interface is simple and uncluttered, always a plus. Tiny but powerful - and, most importantly, useful - Ook? Video Ook! is a must-have for grabbing online video content.

Click here to download Ook? Video Ook! 0.6.2.