Did you backup important data on your laptop?

Did you backup important data on your laptop?

Do you use a laptop for important presentations on the move or for other important business tasks? If yes, have you taken a backup of your important data? If no, you are risking your company, job & reputation.

There are chances of your laptop being robbed on the airport, in the flight, in a wi-fi hotspot or the harddisk crashing or the laptop exploding due to overheating especially if you have one of those new batteries everyone is talking about.

Having a backup back on your office server won't help you a bit if you are to give an important presentation as soon as your flight lands. So will be the case if you have an online backup of your data but no internet access.

So what could you do to help yourself and your company in such a situation? Mike Elgan has got a feasible solution.

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