AMD unveils AM2 desk top chips

AMD unveils AM2 desk top chips

Manufacturer claims that performance per watt is significantly better

Chip vendor, AMD has launched its energy efficient Athlon 64X2 dual cores, Athlon 64s and Semprons using the AM2 socket.

The firm will tell the Spring Microprocessor Forum that desktop processors will give 37 per cent better performance per watt than the older sockets that it is phasing out. Small size Athlon 64 X2 dual core desktop chips will give 154 per cent better performance a watt than its old kit, the vendor has claimed.

DC chips might manage to only eat up 14 watts, AMD claims.

The chips will be available in May. The 64 X2 DC chips will cost $671 for the 4800+; $601 for the 4600+, $514 for the 4400+, $417 for the 4200+; $353 for the 4000+; and $323 for the 3800+.

The small form factor versions will cost $364 (3800+); $231 (3500+) and for Semprons $145 (3400+); $119 (3200+) and $101 (3000+).