SecureWave and Lexar guard mobile storage

SecureWave and Lexar guard mobile storage

New management tools and a certification scheme promise better controls for business users

SecureWave is teaming with Flash memory firm Lexar Media to develop technologies to help enterprises control and manage personal storage devices. As part of the move, SecureWave has also introduced a certification programme for such devices.

The move will help businesses to use kit such as USB Flash drives by enabling them to enforce policy and ensure only approved devices are used by staff, SecureWave said.

"One of the areas that doesn't work well at the moment is authenticating the devices themselves," said SecureWave vice-president of marketing Dennis Szerszen. He added that the next version of SecureWave's Device Control tool would incorporate features to make use of specific technology in Lexar Media Flash drives, but declined to elaborate.

Lexar Media is the first firm to join SecureWave's hardware vendor partnership programme, which certifies that personal storage devices are enterprise-ready. "This [certification] is to assure enterprise customers they are buying the right devices," said Szerszen.