NVidia will launch new nForce series

NVidia will launch new nForce series

Graphics card giant will over clock PCIe

Graphics card vendor nVidia is gearing up to launch the nForce 500 series early next month.

The top product of the nForce 5 line-up is will include some changes in order to enhance the performance of graphics cards which support the new architecture.
The architecture is currently code-named Trinity and denotes a combination of Trinity-enabled motherboard - the 590s - and Trinity-enabled graphics cards.

Once that combination is set in motion, the available bandwidth for the cards will go from 4GBps to 5.2 GBps. This is a legal overclock of the PCIe bus, going from x16 to "x20" or "x22", depending on the final stability tests the company conducted recently.

This is not the first time Nvidia has made changes to its cards, since the first PCIe products, bridged with the famous BR02 chip – worked at a rate which some reps called "AGP 12X".
Details are sparse at present, however it is likely that nForce 590 owners with a Trinity-specced board will get a subtle boost over owners of non-590 based motherboards, such as Intel chipsets or the other Socket AM2 competition.