Hosted service aims to reduce PC admin costs

Hosted service aims to reduce PC admin costs

Reseller DeskForce introduces Everdream desktop management service on demand

Reseller DeskForce has officially introduced the Everdream hosted desktop management service in the UK, offering PC management as an on-demand function. This approach enables firms to cut the cost of managing Windows PCs, or even outsource it completely, according to DeskForce.

Everdream, which started as a helpdesk solution, is a comprehensive management system based on the software-as-a-service delivery model. Because it is hosted, companies pay a per-seat monthly fee with no up-front installation costs.

“You only pay for what you use,” said Kim Syrett, sales director for DeskForce Europe. He said there are two target markets for Everdream: larger corporations can use it to streamline their desktop management, while PC manufacturers can use it to offer outsourced management to smaller businesses.

The kernel of Everdream is an asset management function, but it is a modular service, allowing customers to add functions such as software usage metering, remote-control support tools, and automated patch management.

Because Everdream is a web-based service, it is well suited to larger companies with a distributed workforce or with many mobile staff using laptops. Users pull down the Everdream agent from the web, after which patches and other updates are deployed whenever they connect to the internet. “All you need is internet access,” said Syrett.

The latest release of Everdream supports a new security service to lock down lost or stolen laptops. Once a system is logged as missing, a command triggers the laptop to encrypt all data files the next time it connects to the internet.

“Once encrypted, only the firm that owns it can unlock the data should the laptop be recovered,” said Syrett.

The Everdream service is priced from £4 to £15 per seat per month.