Bulldog sinks teeth into ultrafast broadband

Bulldog sinks teeth into ultrafast broadband

An ADSL2+ service promises download speeds up to 16Mbit/s for businesses and consumers

Telecoms provider Bulldog has launched a new broadband service, aimed at both businesses and consumers. The service is based on ADSL2+ technology and offers download speeds up to 16Mbit/s and uploads at 1Mbit/s.

New residential customers are offered two tariffs. The Anytime Plus service costs £9.95 for the first month, while Unlimited Plus costs £19.50 for the first month and allows unlimited downloads. After this first month the prices rise by £5. A free modem is included with both offers.

Business customers can sign up to Small Business Plus, which costs £45 per month. This includes a Bulldog phone line, a wireless router for £30 – or free if they sign up for two additional phone lines - and the top end of the upload and download speeds. There is also an activation fee of £80.

Bulldog said ADSL2+ is available across the UK and that this year its coverage will grow to serve over 50 percent of the population.