Apple ponders in-flight iTunes downloads

Apple ponders in-flight iTunes downloads

Leaving on a jet plane?

Over a third of airline passengers would download songs from Apple's iTunes music store if they were available via in-flight entertainment systems, according to a recent poll.

Aviation media portal found that 38 per cent of travellers would download songs from iTunes during a flight, but that 62 per cent would not.

The poll was run in response to recent talks held between Apple and a number of in-flight entertainment providers on the possibility of licensing iTunes media download software.

These could enable passengers to use their frequent flyer miles to download music and videos onto their iPods during a flight.

Apple's iTunes music store sold its billionth song in February. The store opened in 2003 and came to the UK in 2004.

The company claimed in January that it has over 80 per cent market share in the digital music download market and sells over three million songs a day.

At the current growth rate, the second billionth song could be sold later this year.