Triangle and Tectrade work together for SMEs

Triangle and Tectrade work together for SMEs

Storage resellers claim that joint offering could help businesses slash management costs significantly

VARs Triangle and Tectrade have entered a partnership to bring a joint storage virtualisation and server offering to the SME sector, which they claim could help small businesses cut management costs by up to 70 per cent.

The IBM storage resellers claimed that until now, end-users looking for greater efficiency and cost savings through server and storage virtualisation would first need to gain their hardware, software and advice from a range of suppliers. They would then be able to construct their own device.

However, Kevin Drew, managing director of Triangle, told CRN that its partnership with Tectrade would enable the two VARs to create a single end-user point of contact. This will reduce implementation times and ensure that any potential hassle and costs are minimised, he said.

“We asked IBM if putting Triangle’s and Tectrade’s respective skills together would be able to offer the market something different. IBM said yes. It is excited by this partnership and is trying to treat us as a single entity,” Drew said.

Drew explained that the virtualisation layer between business applications and physical hardware will allow a business to recover from hardware failure without impacting on its operations.

Andy Slater, storage director at Tectrade, said: “Both the large corporate and SME markets are facing similar challenges caused by having to manage exploding data volumes. In both cases, storage is taking increasing slices of IT budgets and administration time.

“The good news is that IBM’s TotalStorage solutions are designed to centralise management and reduce complexity. They are designed and priced for both the high-end and SME markets. They release administrators’ time and improve the use of an organisation’s existing storage assets by up to 100 per cent.”