Mobile IP system offers quick handover for voice

Mobile IP system offers quick handover for voice

Allied Telesyn launches new mobility and VoIP system in Europe

Allied Telesyn has launched a new integrated mobility and voice over IP (VoIP) system in Europe, consisting of its TenQ business mobility package and VioCall Professional Connect business VoIP package.

TenQ currently only supports Windows mobile devices, but support for Symbian phones is due before the end of the year.

"For enterprises this is a one-stop shop for mobile secure applications," commented Rino Intrieri, European new technologies marketing director at Allied Telesyn. "It's an IP-centric system with fast authentication and handover."

Rami Houbby, European director of network SP marketing, said that the code for handover and authentication is proprietary but has been submitted to the IEEE standards group for possible inclusion in a future handover specification.

The system uses a secure mobility client on mobile devices, and Allied Telesyn's Mobility Management System software for mobile IP and fast authentication on wireless base routers.

The desktop VoIP part of the package is VioCall, which can be used by companies of any size. The enterprise version, VioCall Professional Connect, is a software-only IP PBX system and has passed the US military's Joint Interoperability Comms Test to ensure VoIP security.

Allied Telesyn's chief technology officer, Phil Jopa, commented, "We're based on Microsoft Windows Server Systems, so any IT staff knowing how to set up Exchange servers could manage VioCall administration."

Allied Telesyn has also announced VioCall Ready, a hardware certification programme to ensure companies' networks can handle the IP telephony system.
TenQ and VioCall Professional Connect are available now but pricing has not yet been announced.