Microsoft joins OpenDocument committee

Microsoft joins OpenDocument committee

Software giant's presence will have 'no impact on the voting process'

Microsoft has joined the committee that is developing the ISO standard for the OpenDocument format, claiming that it will not interfere with its process.

The software giant stated that its motivation for joining the group is to see that its own XML standard goes through smoothly.

Microsoft felt it necessary to become a member of the INCITS/V1 Technical Committee, which mirrors the JTC1 SC 34 subcommittee, to make this happen.

"Microsoft's representative to the Technical Committee, Jim Thatcher, is part of Microsoft's team working on the Office Open XML File Format standardisation process," a company statement said.

"That process involves working closely with TC-45 of the ECMA standards body as well as JTC1 SC 34 for the ISO standardisation process.

"In order for Jim to participate in the future Open XML File Format work, he needs to have standing in JTC1 SC 34 which mandates participation over time. His presence in this group will have no impact on the voting process for the ODF standard.

"Just as we have a seat on the board of Oasis and have not participated in the ODF process there, we will not participate in the JTC1 process. We are focused on our customers and working with them on the Open XML File Formats."

OpenDocument aims to create a single open file format for documents such as text files, spreadsheets and other office documents.

OpenDocument is based on the XML format created by Oasis.