Handsets get wake-up call from mNotes

Handsets get wake-up call from mNotes

CommonTime's mSuite grants access to Lotus Notes from Windows Mobile handsets

CommonTime has released version 4.2 of its mSuite software that enables access to Lotus Notes email from Windows Mobile PDAs and handsets. The new version adds a wake-up feature to ensure devices are ready to receive push email, and also improves inbox reconciliation.

MSuite 4.2 adds an updated version of CommonTime's mNotes client software, which provides mobile access to email, address book, and calendar information on Notes/Domino servers.

In addition to updating the information in the device at the start of each working day, mNotes can now send out a wake-up message to the handset before messages are delivered.

"All Windows Mobile devices have issues with push email, in that they go to sleep after a while to save power," said CommonTime head of marketing Ollie Omotosho. To ensure emails will be received, mNotes can first send out a wake-up signal in the form of a UDP (IP datagram) or SMS text message.

MSuite 4 also adds better inbox reconciliation to ensure the read/unread status of messages is accurate. Administrators can also decide how frequently email will be pushed out to devices, so that users will typically get a burst of messages delivered at regular intervals.

MNotes was originally designed for cradle synchronisation, but mSuite provides the security, data compression and wireless support necessary to turn it into a fully-featured mobile messaging platform, Omotosho said.

Licences for mSuite 4.2 start at £97 per seat, including the cost of all server-side components.