All Java phones at risk from new mobile virus

All Java phones at risk from new mobile virus

Russian malware is very egalitarian

Security software house Kaspersky is warning of a new mobile virus that does not just target smartphones but any mobile capable of running Java (J2ME) applications.

The malware claims to be an application called RedBrowser, which allows mobile users to access WAP services without using a WAP connection by using a free SMS service.

In fact it sends data to a premium SMS service which charges around $5 per message.

"RedBrowser is a sign that virus writers are extending their reach and no longer targeting only smartphones," said Olga Kobzareva, Kaspersky's corporate communications officer.

"Mobile phone users are recommended to be cautious and not to download or launch unknown programs via the internet."

The mobile owner has to download the software themselves, either via Bluetooth or from a WAP site or the internet.

So far only one copy of the malware has been found in the wild, targeting subscribers of Russian mobile service providers Beeline, MTS and Megafon.

But Kaspersky warned that it is likely to spread and be used to target other mobile telephony providers.

The Trojan can be easily removed from the handset using standard utilities already installed on the telephone.